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Franca is known for energizing, groove driven and original DJ-sets far across the country and beyond. Living in Cologne she has been part of the Cologne based label, party and booking agency Feines Tier as well having her residency with the party collective WIR Schwestern.

Now, on February 3rd, she has released her first solo EP Epiphany on the Berlin label URSL. After having released on the labels Get Physical Music and With Compliment, in collaboration with her colleague Stomax in 2015, this solo EP was long awaited for and marks a personal highlight in her career.

The EP features the tracks Epiphany and Vortex, both including lyrics written and spoken by Franca herself. As well as two remixes from the track Vortex, of which one is done by the talented young man Jasper Lowik aka Genii from Amsterdam. The other one is her own slowmo version of the track.

Franca on her EP and the track Vortex: “ For me it was really about getting into these deep baseline grooves. I have always had a lot of affection for music that moves around in your heart and gut when you listen to it. The lyrics for Vortex are ones I initially wrote along some guitar riffs. Written 8 years ago, they reflect my thoughts on nightlife and its “inhabitants”: What makes us seek the night and how do we face it/ face our fellow companions and what moves us when we go in or out of it. Reflecting all the while that at the end, we are all humans, all in it together and most important: all lost in music.”

But read for yourself, enjoy the music and catch Franca where you can!

Epiphany EP:


VORTEX – Lyrics:

It’s your night-veil that gives you safety
In all those places full of crazy
Far away from your realities
Oh your wishing, trying – who are we?

Here know one needs to define their ways
Because our minds all beat the same
And it really doesn’t matter if it’s night or day
Cause what ever the intention…

All these someone that touch your soul
In foreign doorways and common darkness
That loose their face when the day returns
What an impression, what makes you yearn?

And what could paint that imagery
Of what you might wish to be
You tell me, who can fill that empty space
In which you drown, when you leave this place

Oh where is your mind?
We are all just one of a kind
It’s pretty simple isn’t?!
So keep you head up!

And then the time slows down
Come down, come down
All that remains
Is sound.

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Photo // Mona Dadari
Text // HEIDI
Graphics // Marissa Baeuerle

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