Photo / Benedikt Ernst

Born and raised in Germanys ancient techno Mecca Cologne, co-founder of Ancient Future Now, Max Schmitt picks out all the warmer and slower tendencies out of that much-loved sound of the city. Combining these with his passion for South-American flavoured rhythms, he creates his very own lazy psychedelic ultraslow sound, which already led him to places all around the world. Pitched down to the Max!

Latest set:


Max Schmitt Top 10 for Salve Magazine:

Rhytch – $ex


Raphael Top-Secret & Nelson Bishop – Love So High


Mind Lotion – Dreamscape


Maria Kozic & The MK Sound – Trust Me


Johannes Klingebiel – All around me


Julian Stetter – Emily


Syrinx – Hollywood Dreem Trip


Jonny Nash – Christina and Carolina


Suzanne Kraft – Scripted Space


A+N – Nubian Village (Fred Berthet Remix)


The Durian Brothers – Planete Sauvage